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Sunday, May 5th, 2013
5:35 pm
Kitten's Fifth Tease

My fellow Pervy Lit Mod Hunter and I asked Pervy Lit Members and Friends to submit erotic teasers, fantasies and confessions. You're going to enjoy these hot erotic ficlets!

Kittens Fourth Tease

Right now I’m in the mood for something slow – a love making that takes place over days and days. Tantrically unhurried and unrushed. Kissing every nook, cranny and crevice, exploring everything. You’re lying on your stomach, dick aching under you while my mouth covers the territory of your legs. Working up, it’s a laboriously slow process but after decades I reach your ass. I kiss it. Playful kisses on both cheeks, interchanging lips with tongue and teeth. You know where this is going. I need to know everything, explore everywhere, have you every way.

Parting your cheeks, my mouth ventures along your crack. I’m in no rush and I feel the tension of your body beneath my own, butt muscles flexing. Reaching that small puckered opening, my face nuzzled between your cheeks, I want inside you. I kiss the hole directly, my lips surrounding it, then frenching in. I’m making out, licking, twisting my tongue inside your butt. You’re everywhere. You obstruct my vision and all that’s left is the scent and taste of you. I probe deeper, my tongue delving, caressing. The tongue fuck is maddeningly slow. A teasingly protracted quickening of movement. The ticklish wet feel of my tongue sliding in and out of you, making you thrust your ass up and down in time with me. I poke into you fully and remain perfectly still buried inside your ass for a moment before withdrawing. You turn onto your side, looking back at me. I can see the veined yearning of your cock, shining with juice. I want that too and I’m no longer in the mood for something slow.

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CK A Kitty Tease 300x225

Thursday, March 14th, 2013
2:49 pm
Kitten's First Tease
My fellow Pervy Lit Mod Hunter and I asked Pervy Lit Members and Friends to submit erotic teasers, fantasies and confessions. You're going to enjoy these hot erotic ficlets!
Kittens First Tease

I can’t focus. I’m trying to pay attention to typing in data, and salaries, and dates of birth, and copy and paste….. It’s useless. All I can really focus on is Your hot, hard shaft under my tongue, and Your soft sac being gently sucked into my mouth. I moan and drip thinking of my wet mouth all over Your most sensitive spots. I love leaning down, down, down… to kiss…your cock. Circling my tongue, flattening it, covering every inch I can reach. You spearing my throat with your hard, wet head, holding it there just long enough to make you crazy.

I love Your control, telling me what You need and when I’m doing it just right. I love the smell of Your musk mixing with the creamy fluid that leaks from Your throbbing manhood as I kiss it. I want to do everything just right, to be rewarded again with Your touch. The more I think about your hands on me, in me, the hotter I feel. You make me want to scream Your name until I can barely breathe. And being rewarded again when You release on my lips, chin, tongue… You taste so good……I moan and lick up every drop.

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Current Mood: excited
Thursday, April 8th, 2010
10:21 pm
Sunday, February 7th, 2010
12:13 pm
Yay me!!! I got the ass-fucking I was hoping for last night, and it was fantastic... It was fairly late, and my boyfriend and I almost opted for "being responsible" at bedtime, but then he started playing with my hair, running his fingers through it, grabbing handfuls of it and pulling gently, then pulling a little harder - knowing *exactly* what that does to me. My squirming and moaning had the very predictable effect of getting him hard, and from there, it was almost a foregone conclusion that the night was going to end quite a bit later than either of us had "intended." Tee hee!

We started out laying side by side, but he pushed me over onto my back, climbed over me and started kissing me, playing with my nipples. I dug my fingernails into his ass while I returned the favor - licking and nibbling his nipple, making him gasp. I think I've finally convinced him that I *really* *love* it when he straddles my face and fucks my mouth, and now he'll do that with very little or even no urging (mmm, yes, TAKE what you want from me!). And I'm getting better at taking all of him into my mouth without gagging, but I still need more practice (lots and *lots* of practice!). He alternated a bit between moving slowly, and letting my move my head up and down on his shaft, and moving more insistently, thrusting deeply into my mouth while grabbing my hair. Delicious! I've already sucked him off twice this week (being able to do so once is rare enough - it's never happened twice in the same week), and I almost thought he was going to cum in my mouth a third time, but no, he pulled out before he could climax.

Then he moved down so his head was between my legs, and spent a nice, long time paying loving attention to my clit, finger-fucking my cunt and my ass until I begged to have him inside me. By this time, I was masturbating while he lubed his cock (a good portent, as he doesn't apply lube before he puts on a condom to fuck my cunt). We had trouble with the angle, and he slid into my cunt, where he pounded away for a while, but then I turned around so he could approach from behind. It didn't take much time for him to work his way inside me, and it felt SO good when he did! I could tell from his noises and his movements, he wasn't going to last very long if he kept moving at full throttle, but he slowed down and waited for me (still playing with my clit), and leaned down so he could also pinch my nipple nice and hard. All that delicious stimulation was just toooo much for me, and before long, I was screaming and bucking underneath him, urging him deeper, faster and harder. He complied with my wordless request, and soon he was filling my ass with cum. It was utterly fantastic, and well worth the lost hour and a half of sleep..!!!
Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
9:35 am
Okay, umm, wow... I find it almost eerie, but when the (current!, not past) boyfriend and I had sex last night, the action went ALMOST EXACTLY as I'd fantasized / written about here just a couple of days earlier. While he does pull my hair and pinch my nipples, it's usually not as hard as I can handle - he'll take me right up to the edge of pain, but rarely if ever over it - and while he does enjoy anal sex from time to time, I usually have to suggest it / initiate it, and he's really not at all dominant.

But last night, wow! I was sitting at the computer, he'd just gotten undressed for bed and came over to stand next to me. I reached up and gently started stroking his cock and playing with his balls while finishing what I was doing on the computer. By then, it was his turn at the computer (one task before shutting down), and I needed a trip to the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth. We finished at about the same time, and when he stood up from the desk, I immediately dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth - mmmm!

While I didn't suck him dry (he usually only cums once in any given evening's romp), I did take him right up to the brink. When I stood up, he made it clear what he wanted - he turned me around and bent me over the bed to slide into me from behind (again, not his typical preference - he likes to watch my face). After several really good, deep, hard thrusts, he pulled out, lubed up and went straight for my ass! He kept going there for a longer time than I thought he could, while I played with my clit and he pulled my hair (as hard as I asked him to!) and pinched my nipples - until my knees started to give out and I needed to turn over, whereupon he proceeded to slide his fingers into my cunt and press *right there* until I was able to cum - really HARD, and really LOUD and really LOOONNNNGGGGG! At last, his cock was pounding deeply into my cunt while I continued to scream and pant and pull him into me until he, too, exploded.

Maybe it's partly because it so closely matched my fantasy (which there's really no way he could have read), but that was the MOST intense orgasm I have had in a RATHER long time...!
Sunday, November 15th, 2009
4:51 pm
I can admit it here, where nobody knows me, or anything about me other than what I choose to share. I can talk about the fantasies that have been running through my head in the dark, fantasies that I will never allow to happen for the disruption they'd cause in my life and in his.

A few weeks ago, an old boyfriend found me on a Social Networking site. He sent an innocuous message, I responded, and a furious slew of emails began to fly back and forth. Almost immediately, the compliments and flirting began. He doesn't look anything like what I remember from nearly 30 years ago, the last time I saw him - he's gained so much weight. But that doesn't stop the oh-so-obvious energy between us from springing up. For the first week, it's all online correspondence, then, the first phone call. Intense! No overt discussions of the attraction between us, not ever, but certainly flirting abounds. Neither of us is kidding the other when we say we have no ulterior motives, no desire to disrupt the other's life and already established relationships.

He mentions that he met his girlfriend on an online dating site that I'm also a member of. I look up his profile. Our match percentage isn't stunning, but interestingly, I already know most of my high matches, and I'd NEVER consider them, so... What I do find interesting are the results of some of the silly "tests" that site offers. Those are VERY compatible, in a rather tantalizing way. Seems he has some kinky inclinations, as do I. I begin to wonder if his brand of kink syncs with mine...

There's talk of meeting, but it's difficult, as he lives about an hour and a half away, and his time is so limited. His free time and mine do not coincide. We talk about needing to back off, to talk less, to flirt less, to be more overtly respectful of our chosen relationships with the people we love, but it doesn't happen. Not until his girlfriend confronts him. It's over, it has to be. I'm not to contact him anymore (or vice versa), but he'd still appreciate an "occasional update" through email. I find I'm missing my conversations with him much more than I thought I would.

Unexpectedly, he shows up for an all-too-brief visit at the restaurant where I work. I haven't seen him in nearly 27 years, but I immediately get butterflies in my stomach when I see him standing there. He only has a couple of minutes, as he's in town for a shopping errand. I come out from behind the counter to hug him, and for the entire time he's there, I can't wipe this silly grin off my face. I'm not sure what the hug will be like - awkward? No, it's wonderful - he pulls me in for a tight embrace and he kisses my neck. Oh, dear, if we weren't in public and I wasn't on the clock, I can tell we might get into some fairly serious trouble. We talk for a few minutes, hug a few more times, and it's comfortable, it's natural, and it's probably just a *bit* more intimate than "just friends" would hug. There's potential in these hugs, there's desire and frustration that it has to stop with a hug. At the last hug, when he has to leave and I have to get back to work, he leans in and kisses me, lightly, gently, no passion, no tongues, just a brief brush of his lips on mine, twice, maybe three times, it's all such a blur to me.

I realize that I wish we had a LOT more time. I wish we weren't in public. The way he took control of the situation, pulling me into him that way, leaning in to me to kiss me, it turned me on. I wanted him to keep doing that - to take my wrists in his hands, press them against the wall so I couldn't move, and then to press into me and kiss me more deeply, more passionately. I wanted him to hold both my wrists with one hand and use his other hand to explore my body, caressing my jawline and my neck, reaching into my bra and pinching my nipples, going lower, maneuvering into my pants to thrust his thick fingers into my soaked cunt. I wanted to be somewhere other than the restaurant, somewhere that he could move me around to suit his desires - I wanted him to force me onto my knees and, holding the hair at the back of my head with one hand while unzipping his pants with the other, to force his cock into my mouth, to use me for his pleasure. I wanted to suck him dry before he moved me somewhere else, away from the wall. Somewhere where we could both undress and he could kiss me some more before turning me around and bending me over to fuck me from behind. I wanted him to feel the hot wetness of my cunt all around his cock, to hear my moans and sighs, to feel me shuddering under him as I fingered my clit while he pounded deeply into me and played with my nipples. I wanted him to take his cock, slippery with my juices, out of my cunt and shove it into my ass, fucking me as though this could somehow make up for all those years we'd missed. I wanted to scream his name through my orgasm and feel my ass full of his cum before we both collapsed to lie in each other's arms for the next several hours, talking, giggling, caressing and fucking again and again.

As it was, I had to stand there and watch him walk away, not knowing if I'll ever be able to see him again. Not knowing if that fantasy will EVER have a chance to play out, not even wanting to admit that the fantasy even exists in my head, but knowing that I can't deny it. Knowing that he's got fantasies, too, and wanting to hear all about them, but not daring to ask, not daring to give them the oh-so-dangerous life that acknowledging them would give.
Saturday, November 7th, 2009
5:38 pm
Thursday, May 21st, 2009
9:42 pm
Looking for fun!
I am 33/f/Michigan

Anyone up to talking and if you live close by, maybe meeting up...

Add me at my journal and I would be happy to meet up!

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Thursday, April 16th, 2009
5:00 pm
Never joke with police

This guy has decided that it will be very ridiculous. May be he planned to share this photos in Internet... Well, though something it has turned out normally. 

2 photos inside →
Saturday, December 20th, 2008
12:31 am
The pitfalls of men, biology and too much Jack Daniels…

Last night after work I went to meet up with a friend and some of that friend’s friends for a beer and to shoot some pool. 

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Friday, December 19th, 2008
12:42 pm
New to the community, just set up a journal, and  I love to read and talk about all things fuck!  I hope to meet some like-minded people.
Friday, December 12th, 2008
12:12 pm


I am an extremely sexual, submissive girl who loves other girls. I post at least once a day and a majority of my posts are about me playing with myself, check them out ;) Feel free to add me & I'll add you back.


Monday, December 8th, 2008
12:11 am
Scarlets Tales
Hey guys... just to let you know I'm back up and running and have recently written a new entry. Believe me, I've missed you all but the break has been worth it ;)

Scarlet Red
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
6:45 pm
Late last night, not *quite* "too sleepy" to fuck. But I'd had coffee in the evening, and was having trouble sleeping. Lying next to my boyfriend, caressing his chest and arm lazily, circling lower on his belly, gently scraping my fingernails on his thigh, never quite touching any intimate parts...

I've had a sore throat (allergies, I'm guessing) for the better part of two weeks, so I had a lozenge in my mouth at the time. Got an interesting idea, and told him I was curious about something. Moved down and took his mostly soft cock into my mouth. Stroke "I'm curious..." stroke, stroke "if the menthol in the lozenge..." stroke, stroke, stroke "has a similar effect..." stroke, stroke "to the peppermint..." stroke, stroke, stroke "in the schnapps...?"

He was quite hard by that time, and breathing somewhat raggedly, interspersed with moans and small gasps. He confirmed that it was, indeed, similar, in that it was somewhat "chill". I continued sucking and nibbling, taking his cock as deep into my mouth as I could. He made movements as though he wanted to pull out, turn me around and fuck me, but I kept going. He lay back and allowed me to continue (he VERY rarely allows himself to cum in my mouth). I kept going, and it became obvious he wasn't going to last very much longer. He asked me to slow down, I did. He asked me to lighten up, I did. And then he was cumming, loud and long. Not a lot of cum to swallow, actually (fine by me, I'm still getting the hang of that part of it - still not *wild* about the taste of it, but his cum doesn't really bother me for some reason), but his moans kept going for a long time. I told him that one sounded almost painful, and he assured me that it wasn't, but that it was "hard to describe."

Apparently, the menthol had a slightly anesthetizing effect on him, so the sensation was slightly diminished in one direction, but it also served to make it somewhat more intense in another direction. He asserted that he had "never cum like that before!" Which made me feel rather smug. We snuggled up afterwards and went to sleep. I do love pleasing my man!!!
Sunday, November 2nd, 2008
1:16 pm
We tried something very new and different for both of us last night.

The two of us had been to a costume party together, and I'm not sure how much beer he had, but I had at least one too many glasses of champagne (only as evidenced by my slight headache this morning more than anything else). When we got back to his apartment, I put new batteries into my camera (not having tested the batteries before the party, duh) and snapped a couple pics of him in his costume. He then took a couple of me in my costume. The camera was left on the bookshelf next to the bed and we started our bedtime routine (sort of).

He went out to let his dog pee, and I took off my costume. The only thing I left on was the tie he'd been wearing. His bed is on a line of sight from his front door, so when he came back in, he saw me on his bed, naked except for that tie. He got undressed, crawled onto the foot of the bed and kissed the back of my thigh. I liked the way that looked, so I reached for the camera and took a shot. He didn't object, but instead moved to kiss the inside of my thigh. Another shot... When I moved to put the camera back, I had a lovely view of his erect cock, so *click* I took another picture.

Next thing I knew, we were trading the camera back and forth and snapping pictures from every angle we could think of. We got several shots of his tongue on my clit, his fingers in my cunt, his cock in my mouth, his cock just about to enter my cunt, plunged deeply into my cunt, his teeth on my nipple, his fingers pinching and stretching my nipple, and finally his cock buried deeply in my ass. I have no idea exactly how many pictures we took, and certainly not all of them were ideally framed or even in focus, but I must say I can't wait to download them from the camera and see them blown up to fill the computer monitor!

We agreed that it was really quite exciting, and I think perhaps our next adventure might involve a video camera instead of a still camera...
Thursday, September 25th, 2008
7:12 pm
SFW - Stoya's first porn
But sexy times....

By the way, the girl in this clip is Stoya, whom i guess is kind of a famous now: Stoya's myspace.

In this video, which was shot in InnerPartySystem's basement, Stoya (the star) is getting eaten out by her boyfriend.

From what i understand, Stoya wanted to do porn and so this was her first video... after the director shot this in IPS's basement she went away and became some big porn star. she's even starring in this huge production porn that's a remake of Pirates of the Carribean:

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008
1:14 pm
this post has a condom on it...
...or, better to say, responses will be screened.

10:19 AM 8/2/08 · Heard on the burst of stuff I get with my morning news, alarm clock radio, that there's about 56,000 more cases of people infected with the HIV virus (since 2006) in the United States than was previously believed. This seemed as much a shock to the newscaster, who's repeated the announcement every 10 to 20 minutes, as it did to me. Even more of a shock, apparently, to the people that normally track these statistics who were blown away by this revelation.

So, I'm xposting this fairly heavily to get the widest range of responses to the following questions:

Do you use safe sex?
What is your preferred method of safe sex?
Do you always use safe sex or stop at some point with some people?
Do you also use safe sex for more than just intercourse?
Do you practice safe oral sex?

Individual mods of the communities I send this to, I hope this is okay.

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Thursday, May 8th, 2008
12:47 am
69 ME?
69 4 me?

Now sumbitting to the sexual will of any local hottie with a naughty body...
Post below...for 69....
Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
6:21 pm
Monday, April 28th, 2008
12:46 pm
Hey.... I'm 19/F, brown hair, eyes, 4'11 with 34B... I love going on my web cam for you ;) I'll do anything you tell me to! Add me if you want watch_me_finger_myself@hotmail.com. Comment on here if you want me to go on!

PS. FEMALES PREFERED!! I'll watch you if you watch me hun!
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