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The pitfalls of men, biology and too much Jack Daniels…

Last night after work I went to meet up with a friend and some of that friend’s friends for a beer and to shoot some pool. 

I tend to not dress as much as possible when I go out, but at this place that is not too unusual. Anyway, I get there, I get introduced to everyone, shoot some pool, and all seems well. The friend I went to meet was making the moves on one of the waitresses (a very cute red head, I will admit), so I was talking to one of the guys I had just met, and yes, I thought he was rather cute; tall, kind of athletic but not super jock or anything, sort of like he had probably been an athlete in high school and college, but now worked a day job in a cubicle, nice eyes, and a great grin. In any event, it became obvious he was interested in me, I was interested in him, we were getting pretty friendly and there was no question in my mind I would end up with this fellows cock in me at some point.




He was rather pissed at a friend of his who was there, pissed to the point where he was drinking pretty heavily. Said friend bailed on him to hook up with some girl, which made him even angrier. It was pretty obvious even at about 10 pm this guy was in no condition to drive, so I offered to give him a ride home. I did, we get there, and on the way inside his hands are all over me, so I am thinking perhaps this is not a total lost cause…


Alas, I was wrong. Not for lack of effort on his part or my own, the foreplay (which normally isn’t my thing) was very nice, he played with my tits, give me a nice fingering, even a naked massage, but he just could not get hard. I sucked his dick for what seemed like forever, and nope, not happening, too much whiskey! He was utterly dismayed with himself, and yet still pissed off (as the friend who brought on the massive drinking probably was getting laid). It got to the point he was jerking his dick so hard I thought he might pull it off, and I know he is going to be sore in the morning. So, while somewhat frustrated, I took my leave and headed home disappointed.


The moral of the story: Jack is fine, but remember, he will kick your ass and can ruin a sure thing.

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Strange that he was so rough with his own dick, unless he has a pain fetish. That's usually the worst way to get hard.
i think at that point, he was feeling no pain
Yeah, I've been drunk enough to the point to where it's hard for me to come, but not to where I can't get it up.
Argh. I knew not to drink too much if I wanted sex back in my 20s. I would thinks a simple calaculation between "Get Drunk and Pissed Off" vs "Fuck sleazy_bitch till my cock falls off" PROBABLY wouldn't require Differential Equations.